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Q: What is New Fantachrome™?

A: New Fantachrome™ system is a set of equipment and chemicals. The
components, applied through a special procedure, give finish chrome effects
equal 100% of reflectivity to the different material types and surfaces.

Q: Does it look like a traditional chrome?

A: Not only does New Fantachrome™ look like traditional chrome, it also has a similar feeling.

Q: Can I get a gold look New Fantachrome™?

A: Not only you can get a Gold look but you can also get Chrome, Silver,
Blue, Green, Bronze, Violet, and many other colour looks as well.

Q: What materials can I Fantachrome ™?

A: Almost any material, such as Wood, Metal, Plaster, Glass, Plastic,
Fibreglass, Ceramic, Cement, Polystyrene, Clay, Stone etc..

Q: Is it possible for anyone to do this “chroming”?

A: All people experienced in painting.

Q: Can I use the New Fantachrome™system joint with my Spray
Painting business?

A: Yes, you can. In fact it will enhance your current business and you will
be tapping into new markets opportunities that you would never have thought
possible before.

D: Are products New Fantachrome ™ a new chroming process?

R: No, they are new solutions for painting, allowing to get a chrome effect
rather on any kind of surface

D: Is New Fantachrome a reseller of products?

R: No, New Fantachrome is a company planning, manufacturing and distributing
these products. Our products are covered by patent, beware of imitations….

D: Are special equipment required for the application of New Fantachrome

R: A special equipment is required for the solution Fantachrome, while Supachrome is applied using normal sprayguns.

D: What do I need to use your products?

R: Normal fitting used by a painter: a compressor, a spraygun, possibly an
oven to dry paints or an infrared system for the same purpose.

D: Can I apply products for chrome effect on hot surfaces? (engines,
mufflers… etc…)

R: Not on too hot surfaces. The maximum temperature endured is 150 degrees.
But higher is the temperature of the support to be painted, first the effect
quality degrades.

D: Is it difficult to use the products?

R: No, the application of products is simple, but it is very important to
exactly follow described processes. The kits supplied include a CD with
specific training; furthermore our structure supplies required technical

D: I am totally inexperienced, how can I start using your products?

R: New Fantachrome manages in its plant special courses training the staff
on how to use the products, which applications are possible, the mistakes to
be avoided and how to realise samples on different materials. Attenders will
directly perform applications followed by our technicians.

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